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Discover MioFactory 2

MioFactory 2 is a powerful application generator that lets you create Windows applications using simple Web programming techniques. MioFactory 2 enables you to create impressive desktop applications with HTML, JavaScript, and Flash. In addition, MioFactory 2 provides tremendous flexibility so that anyone who can create a Web page can build a Windows application. With MioFactory 2, you can build a multitude of applications that can be easily distributed over the Internet or via CD-ROM.

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Benefits of MioFactory 2
  • Rapid development of executable file applications
  • Use of your HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, and Flash knowledge to build Windows applications
  • Distribution of your applications over the Internet or via CD-ROM
  • Creation of small file-size applications that are easily downloadable from the Internet
  • Creation of stay-on-top or docked applications that remain on users' desktops
  • Easy development of multimedia applications that support numerous image formats, sounds, and videos
  • Building applications that can download data from the Internet with http and https protocols
  • Use of full OS capabilities from Windows 95 to Windows XP, including the Tablet PC Edition
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